Community benefits and environment

Local Benefits

We recognise that this area is a valued resource and well used by local people for rambling, fishing and shooting. As well as ensuring minimal disruption to the Wyre Way and the community as a whole, we want to develop plans to invest in employment, education and the environment locally. We are currently developing suggestions for how we can benefit local people through our time, resources and facilities and those of our suppliers. We will keep you updated of our plans and how you can input into them in the near future. In the meantime you can give us your views on how we can be a good neighbour by contacting us.

National Benefits

This project will play a key part in the future energy security of the UK; gas storage is critical for the security of the UK’s energy supply and stability of pricing. It could help reduce the increase in gas prices for consumers and better prepare the UK for cold winters. The UK currently only has 14 days of gas storage, compared to 87 days in France, 69 in Germany and 59 in Italy. In 2004, the UK became a net importer of gas and is the world’s fifth largest consumer. By 2020, imported gas is expected to meet around 70% of the UK’s demand for gas, making us increasingly reliant on overseas sources. The recent Ukraine/Russia gas dispute highlighted the need for sufficient gas reserves to meet demand and avoid potential supply emergencies. The combination of speed and location make Preesall one of the most important onshore strategic gas storage opportunities in the UK.

did you know

The Preesall halite salt was deposited over 200 million years ago