Notice of Compulsory Acquisition Under Section 134(7) of the Planning Act 2008

Following the making of the development consent order (DCO) for Halite’s proposed underground gas storage facility in Preesall, Lancashire on Friday 17 July, Halite is required by law to publish notices in the local press and send persons with an affected land interest a letter setting out that the DCO contains compulsory acquisition powers relating to the development. This will occur over the coming week.

By publishing and sending the notices at this time, Halite is meeting its obligations under statute, as all promoters of such developments are required to do. This activity is simply a notification that the Secretary of State has approved a DCO that includes such compulsory acquisition powers. It is not an announcement that such powers are about to be implemented, nor part of the process for their implementation.

Keith Budinger, Chief Executive of Halite, commented: “As a responsible promoter, Halite has continued to work hard with local landowners to negotiate voluntary agreements where possible.

“We will also continue to keep the community informed of our plans throughout the pre-construction planning and design process.”

The Section 134 notice can be downloaded here.

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