Protecting the environment

Preserving the local ecology & environment

Protected species and sites of international and national importance for nature conservation are located on our land and in the wider area.

We are committed to protecting and preserving the special features that are characteristic of the land at Preesall, and we recognise the significant opportunity for long-term ecological and landscape enhancement across our 620 acre estate.

But we want to go beyond simply restoring the environment following any works.

We want to actively improve natural habitats, nurture native species and encourage diversity, making the area a haven for wildlife and wildlife enthusiasts.

We have worked alongside nature conservation bodies and have conducted numerous studies to gain information on the existing environment within the area, including commissioning ecology, landscape, archaeological and noise surveys.

As part of the planning process, an Ecological and Landscape Management Plan was prepared to enhance the ecological and landscape value of the area.

We have used the results of these studies to shape our plans to invest in the environment, for example, through potentially enhancing ponds, creating habitats and food supply through selection and planting of the right species, or improving ditches and conditions for native wildlife.

Environmental Impact Assessment

This Assessment considers a range of areas including air quality, noise levels, landscape and visual impact, ecology and water quality. The report is independent, uses best practice guidance and has been prepared in consultation with a range of bodies. As part of the process, potential adverse impacts have been identified and mitigation measures have been reported in an Environmental Statement which accompanied the planning application.

Construction Environmental Management Plan

For the construction phase, this Plan includes methods of limiting emissions, routing of traffic, training of the workforce and adherence to commitments made in the Environmental Statement. The Plan ensures that utmost importance is placed on protecting the environment and the local community from the impact of construction works.

Rare species of flora and fauna thrive here, including pink footed geese and rock sea lavender.