Monitoring and maintenance

Stewardship of the site

Halite Energy Group has made a long-term commitment to being a good steward of the Preesall site, and a good neighbour to the people of Over Wyre and Fleetwood.

We have developed and are implementing a new long-term maintenance programme as a responsible owner of the land.

Although our proposals state that we would create new, purpose-built caverns in which to safely store gas, we are committed to the ongoing inspection and maintenance of the existing cavern wellheads in the area.

Our team of experts closely monitor existing caverns and carry out ground level monitoring surveys to ensure they are in the safest possible condition.

As well as ensuring the safety of the site, we want to invest in the communities of Over Wyre and Fleetwood, as well as the local environment.

You can give us your views on how we can be a good neighbour by contacting us.

Cold snaps in the UK, such as January 2010 and 2011, are putting increasing pressure on UK gas supplies